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Clive Christian Crown Collection Town And Country Eau de Parfum Spray 50ML

Original price was: AED1,169.Current price is: AED899.

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The Town&Country Eau de Parfum by Clive Christian is a tribute to the era of the Crown Perfumery Company. Bringing a modern twist to the elegance and complexity that characterized this period, it has been infused with fresh, crisp notes that are perfectly balanced with deeper tones for an exquisite scent. This product brings together the best of country life and city sophistication to create something truly unique. Its character captures the natural beauty of the countryside while at the same time reflecting on grand, London town – just as Winston Churchill experienced in his lifetime. An olfactory masterpiece, this Town&Country eau de parfum forges an enduring bond between tradition and modernity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a refined scent.

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Product features:
– FRAGRANCE: Man Fragrance
– MAN: Man Fragrance
– Fragrance Type: Eau de Perfume, Signature Perfumes
– Smell Profile: Aromatic, Woody, Spiced

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