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Lancome Balafre – Launched in 1968, this fragrance has not aged a day. Striking in its modernity, the composition opens with a cascade of Mediterranean zesty fruits: bergamot, lemon, sweet lime and mandarin. An array of sun-drenched, citrus facets that instantly seize your attention. Lavender��s inclusion allows women to make this fragrance �� designed for men �� their own. Women adore its melody of masculine codes, with middle notes of rosy geranium and the innocent sweetness of orange blossom. Crisp green notes of galbanum form the backbone of Balafre, taking us through to the base notes of richly wooded patchouli and sandalwood. A resoundingly cult fragrance.

  • Top Note : Bergamot, lemon, sweet lime and mandarin.
  • Middle Note : Rosy geranium, orange blossom.
  • Base Note : Crisp green notes of galbanum, patchouli and sandalwood.
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